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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] eclipse-signing-maven-plugin - Could not setup plugin ClassRealm / ZipException: error in opening zip file

Unfortunately I don't know how to achieve this - can someone give me some pointers here?

And I'd also like to know whether someone else is preparing an official non short term solution for this.

In addition to that I noticed that the ""-instance seems to be completly down / unreachable at the moment - or am I the only person experiencing this problem?

Both issues currently completely block us from preparing participation for Juno SR1 RC1.

With best regards,

On 15.08.2012 15:45, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Short term it maybe faster to deploy eclipse-signing-maven-plugin to one
of existing maven forgers, like we run, and use it from
there. At least this is what I plan to do for the new signing plugin I
wrote for cbi build.


On 12-08-15 9:15 AM, Markus Tiede wrote:

The Jubula team is currently blocked building our Juno SR1 RC1 artifacts
on due to a problem with the
eclipse-signing-maven-plugin: "Could not setup plugin ClassRealm /
ZipException: error in opening zip file"...

I reopened and commented the following ticket to track the status of
this issue (which seems to have re-occurred multiple times in the recent
past for different projects):

Does anyone know how to  resolve this issue for the short term?

With best regards,
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