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[cross-project-issues-dev] jetty dropping release train

unless things change in the next few months, jetty would like to be
dropped from the release train for kepler, effective immediately.

having discussed this with the principal folks that we are aware of
that use jetty on the platform, we don't anticipate this being a
particularly big deal for kepler.  the 'unless things change' comment
means we would re-evaluate this decision is there was some sort of
'omg, we all gunna die w/o you' outpouring of support wanting jetty on
the release train.

we'll continue to release updates to the jetty-8 p2 repository for the
time being and we'll see if it is important to update the jetty
version in juno for SR1 or not at that time...the version in juno is
solid so perhaps an update for SR1 will not be required/desired.
anyway, jetty development is focused on jetty-9 for the time being

if anyone has questions on the reasoning behind our decision I would
be happy to share, it just doesn't seem relavent for this announcement


jesse mcconnell

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