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[cross-project-issues-dev] RAP 2.0 - Kepler M1 contribution test

Maybe this is already common knowledge, but in case it's not... the RAP project will upgrade from a 1.x version to version 2.0 with some incompatible changes. Projects that depend on RAP (e.g. some parts of EMF) should read our migration guide that will be updated with all changes over the next couple of months:

The p2 repositories with the RAP 2.0 nightly builds can be found here... it's worth to try them out as soon as possible:

In addition to that I've contributed a nightly test-build to the Kepler Simultaneous Release repository today. This should help dependent projects to adjust their imports, versions, etc. in time before our final contribution to Kepler M1 next week. (Unfortunately the aggregator build is broken by other projects at the moment but I hope that this will be resolved soon.)

If you find any problems or if there are any questions, please let us know... :-)


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