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[cross-project-issues-dev] Platform moving to Lucene 3.5

The Eclipse platform is planning to transition from Lucene 2.9 to 3.5 in the Kepler release [1]. This will hopefully be released in the M1 milestone. I am announcing this here because it is a major new Lucene version and there are many breaking API changes within Lucene itself. Also, two Eclipse platform bundles were exposing and re-exporting Lucene APIs ( and We realized this problem several years ago and the related APIs on our side were deprecated and their future removal was announced on this list over two years ago [2]. These deprecated Eclipse platform APIs will be deleted in  Kepler and we will no longer re-export or expose Lucene. These changes will insulate the platform against future breaking Lucene changes and allow us to adopt new Lucene versions more quickly in the future.  This will all be documented in the Kepler migration guide but I wanted to give projects a heads up here before the changes actually arrive in the release train. Feel free to follow up either here or in the bug report with any questions or concerns.



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