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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Does this behavior violate EPL or community prinicples


I'm not part of PDT and don't use PDT at all. I'd like to comment on a few things that I believe are common misunderstandings about the release train.

There is the release train. And there is the Eclipse Packaging Project. You have to participate in the Release Train to have an EPP package, but not vice versa. There are a lot of projects on Juno that don't have a separate downloadable version.

PDT has a feature (3.0.0) in the Juno p2 repository. So to use it you have to download one of the packages and then install the PDT feature into it.

There was a discussion on epp-dev that PDT lost its package maintainer for the EPP projects and that no one would take the job (see (Hint: volunteers are always welcome).

You are right about the 3.1 release which got reviewed and seems well hidden. I couldn't find build artifacts or commits either. Maybe someone from the PDT team can clear this up. 
Btw.: Raising a bug and getting no response in 2 work days doesn't mean no one will ever answer. Our team triages new bugzilla entries ones per week and shortly after the Juno release most committers will take a (IMO well deserved) break.

And I don't think the EPL is relevant here but the Eclipse Development Process and especially the Release Train requirements. As said above, I'd like some explanation from PDT on this.

- Achim

On 04.07.2012, at 07:17, zhu kane wrote:

Hello community,

I hesitated about raising such question in here. But I can't get any response from PDT project even if filing critical bug for it[1].

PDT team announced PDT 3.1 was released[2] with Juno simultaneous release. PDT 3.1 also is listed in highlighted Juno project
list[3]. But none of Eclipse users knows how to install it.

I would like to believe it's just a bug, however nobody of PDT project takes action for it. In my understanding all projects of are open source, everybody can browse the latest source code even under developing. I'm astonished that I can't find any commit related to PDT 3.1 from its source repository[4]. Looks like PDT 3.1 doesn't have any public nightly build and integration build. I only find a build[5] for 3.0 in Hudson.

I'm wondering whether allows a project under it that is not really open source and just declared its new release. Hope experienced people help resolve my doubts.

Thank you.


Mengxin Zhu
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