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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] On when to update aggregation files to point to final release repos

Am 21.06.2012 05:35, schrieb David M Williams:
Sounds reasonable to me. Sounds about like what I do!

That makes me feel good :P

I think the "key" is what URL you publish to "the public". If you publish only one, say
then as long as that one remains "invisible" until release day, you are good to go.
That is, the latest "released" contents there remain invisible ... there could always be other releases, etc., visible
The question is, if someone "checks for updates" will they get your release "early"? Which then might not "match" what
ever else they have ... for better or for worse.

If you find your self having the "released bits" visible there, and you are are talking about making another
subdirectory with same contents that remains invisible, then nothing is really being gained ... and part of what you say
almost sounds like that ... but, hard for me to tell.

Our promotion service creates this static HTML page:

"Invisible" drops do not appear there, they just exist as a folder on disk that nobody should be able to see without some degree of criminal energy ;-)

The various composite repositories also do not contain the invisible drops.

Hope this answer helps a little.

Yes, thanks!



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