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[cross-project-issues-dev] Managing repositories referenced by simrel .b3aggrcon files

I have a question regarding proper strategy for managing repositories on the download server that are referenced by simrel .b3aggrcon files.


I just updated Sapphire contribution to reference [1], which is the final contribution but we aren’t officially calling it final yet. Per Final Daze document, on 6-25, I will copy this repository to [2] to make the release official. Then I’d like to clean up old 0.5 pre-release downloads. How do I safely do that since RC4 is still referenced by a .b3aggrcon file? Since further aggregator builds aren’t expected, do I update .b3aggrcon file on 6-25 to point to [2] and remove RC4 download? Do I wait until after 6-27 to do this?




- Konstantin


[1] :

[2] :



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