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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for Juno!

24 hours left!

I appreciate everyone keeping the "build green" and making progress on the "sim rel reports" [1], though there are a few serious issues left there.

Just wanted to remind everyone that after RC4 (which ends tomorrow, Wednesday, at 5 PM, unless someone asks for a few extra hours) there are no more aggregation builds. As we say in our planning document [2]

After RC4 is quiet week. There will be no further builds. That time is reserved for final, in depth testing, and preparation for release. Emergency rebuilds might be considered, by following the usual Planning Council Exception Process, but only for serious, blocking regressions.

While it may seem like a long time until the formal release on 6/27, that "quiet period" really is important for stability, proper mirroring, and final, in depth testing. In many cases, it helps projects find and document work-arounds for serious issues or perhaps even prepare patches for their own update sites. But, to justify rebuilding the whole release train takes something pretty serious. Something that prevents installation or updates or completely prevents a project from working, that can not be solved by a normal patch. Any rebuild carries with it some risk, no matter how safe it seems, so the benefit-to-cost ratio has to be pretty high.  If you think you have a justifiable case, please discuss with your Planning Council representative and they can "bring it forward" to the Planning Council, if they (and your PMC) agree it is a case that justifies a rebuild of the whole train.  

Last but not least, don't forget to read, understand, and attend to the "final daze" [3] steps. Ask here if you have questions on "how to archive previous releases", or "how to provide a mirrorsURL" value in your repositories (there are "how to" link in the document ... but, I mean if after reading those, things are still not clear, feel free to ask ... many of us would be glad the help).

Thanks as always,


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