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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Javadoc generation / package-list

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your answer but I don't understand how the javadoc tool in my Ant build can resolve such a link to the package-list file in the Platform docs ;-(

Is it possible that you're talking about links that you *manually* write into your own docs? The ones I'm talking about are created by the javadoc tool and that requires access to the package-list files.



Am 10.06.2012 19:15, schrieb Ed Willink:
Hi Eike

I use /help/topic/plugin-name...


Ed Willink

On 10/06/2012 17:45, Eike Stepper wrote:

Our Java code uses many Platform interfaces and classes and when we would like to have hrefs to the Platform Javadocs
in our generated Javadocs. The Ant script we're using contains this:

<javadoc ...>

<link href=""; />


Unfortunately no clickable links end up in our docs. I have the feeling this is because the help center servlet
renders a full frameset when <javadoc> requests the package-list file (instead of returning just the file contents).

Is there a way to properly link with other doc plugins in the shared help center?



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