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[cross-project-issues-dev] Disk usage report for Hudson/Build

Compiled 2012-06-06T12:07

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson master jobs and workspace (2012-06-06T10:00)
  30.5G emf-emfstore-integration
   4.0G skalli
   3.0G cbi-pdt-2.2-helios
   2.5G tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling
   2.4G cbi-pdt-3.0-indigo
   2.3G emf-cdo-integration
   1.8G gmp-graphiti-nightly
   1.8G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
   1.8G papyrus-trunk-nightly
   1.5G jobs
   1.4G amp-integration
   1.4G tycho-query2-nightly
   1.2G modisco-nightly
   1.2G buckminster-voicetools-targetplatform
   1.1G epp-mpc-e3.7
   1.1G Xtext-test
   1.1G m2t-acceleo-master
   1.1G emf-graphiti-maintenance
   1.1G ptp-4.1
   1.0G emf-core-head
   1.0G recommenders.smoketest-e42
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared (1000G capacity) (2012-06-06T10:00)
 199.3G eclipse
 171.6G technology
 115.4G jobs
  39.3G rt
  23.3G webtools
  17.0G SLES
  11.6G tools
   8.5G modeling
   6.7G cbi-ng
   5.9G common
   5.4G download-staging.priv
   3.2G juno
   3.0G helios
   2.4G indigo
   2.3G orbit
   1.3G mylyn
   1.2G cbi
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/modeling
   3.7G searchcvs
   3.1G build
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/tools
   4.4G tm
   1.9G objectteams
   1.4G mtj
   1.3G windowbuilder
   1.2G sequoyah
   1.1G aspectj
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/technology
 148.5G epp
   7.9G sapphire
   4.8G stem
   4.0G gyrex
   2.4G cosmos
   2.1G babel
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1            334G  107G  227G  33% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave1 (50G capacity) (2012-06-06T10:00)
   6.2G ptp-master-nightly
   5.6G cdt-master-maint
   5.2G virgo.kernel.snapshot
   4.1G cbi-scout-3.7
   3.6G tycho-mat-nightly
   2.1G ptp-nightly
   2.0G cdt-edc-nightly
   1.9G papyrus-0.8-EYY-maintenance
   1.7G cdt-nightly
   1.7G emffacet-nightly
   1.6G dltk-nightly
   1.6G rmf-nightly
   1.5G ptp-master-4.x
   1.4G eclipse-JUnit-Linux
   1.4G tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling
   1.4G eclipse-JUnit-Linux2
   1.4G cdt-edc-maint
   1.4G tycho-its-linux-nightly
   1.3G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
   1.2G sapphire-0.5.x
   1.2G mylyn-context-mft-test
   1.2G mylyn-integration-e3.5
   1.0G gyrex-integration
==== END: ====

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: 
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1             55G   38G   18G  69% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave3 (50G capacity) (2012-06-05T18:00)
   1.4G Xtext-nightly-Maintenance
   1.3G mylyn-release
   1.2G sapphire-0.5.x
   1.0G emf-core-head
==== END: ====

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