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[cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up on greediness changes still coming ...

... and as a result org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent no longer part of "Eclipse Platform runtime" as of RC4.

The "greediness report" is looking much better; thanks to all for paying attention to details and making the common repo better.

And more changes are on the way.

Both Jetty and ECF had optional runtime dependencies and they were still using "old" publishers which did not put publish the "greedy=false" explicitly.  (And we in the platform depend on those two projects so we were "passing along" their properties in our own repo).

Both ECF and Jetty have now "move up" to new publishers and are publishing their optional requirements as non-greedy. This will help avoid problems such as bug 381325 [1]. Overall, this is great, and much appreciate these two teams joining in the effort (and the committers who made the effort; Markus Kuppe and Hugues Malphettes).

But, I wanted to give a "heads up" there can be unexpected ripple effects. Even we in the Platform had one case [2] where a bundle was no longer part of a zipped up distribution. It actually was always the intent that it not be in that distribution (and contains no API) ... and another example of how problematic this "greediness" thing can be ... but ... it is a late change and we hope does not negatively impact anyone. (The bundle is still in our repo, if you need it, it is just not an automatic part of the Platform runtime).

So, I thought I should give this "heads up". You too might experience "late changes" by these late "greediness" changes. If you are impacted (in a negative way) the fix is usually easy ... just specify the requirement explicitly in one of your features. I am sure these changes will solve more problems than they causes, but we realize they are coming "late" in the cycle. Much later than we'd prefer. So, do let us know if there are any side effects. You can blame me for any negative ones, but thank the committers for any positive ones :)  


[1] Bug 381325 - Installing EGit or JDT drags in unwanted ch.qos.logback.*
[2] Bug 381699 - 'org.eclipse.equinox.concurrent' disappeared

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