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[cross-project-issues-dev] Bundles Re: Layout and licenses

AMP must be the cause for GEF3D, but I'm not sure why that is happening. AMP as a stand-alone project includes GEF3D, but we created a non-GEF3D feature for Indigo/Juno specifically because GEF3D isn't on release train and because GEF3Ds 3D lib dependencies all live in IP hell. The feature we point to is the "GEF3Dless" feature. So while GEF3D is in our repos, it should *not* be in Juno repos. My understanding was the the aggregator pulled the feature -- and only the feature -- dependencies it needed from the aggregated site(s). Is that not correct?

On 2012-06-06, at 6:16 AM, Wayne Beaton wrote:

Hey folks. I'm going through the layout and licenses reports today.

I've already opened a couple of bugs regarding missing about files and am just starting into the licenses. These issues need to be addressed before any reviews can be declared successful. Note that these are very basic requirements that are independent of participation in the simultaneous release. If you need help, please ask.

There a Gemini JPA bundle in the repository. I'm also seeing a GEF3D bundle. Why? If these bundles are in the repository, shouldn't the owning projects be Juno particpants? Or did I miss a memo?


Who owns these bundles:


(I'll guess tools.ptp.photran based on the version number).

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