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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Removal of the Koneki RC1 repository

Eike et al.,

Apologies for messing up with this. I wanted to be a good citizen by
removing the RC1 folder to ease the burden on mirrors, but it totally
slipped my mind that there could be a build running. I archived the RC1/
folder literally at the same time I updated our contribution for upcoming
RC3 (which now picks up our RC2), so I really wasn't expecting any
trouble... My bad :(

Again, please accept my sincere apologies for this, I should have sent you
a note directly, if not to the cross-projects ML at large...
Benjamin, getting used to the release train fun.


Le 05/06/12 18:37, « Eike Stepper » <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

>unAggregator/476 I contributed our RC3
>repo. In this particular build that was the only contribution and all the
>preceeding builds succeeded. This new build
>failed but it seems that the Koneki project has silently deleted its RC1
>repo while it was still being used by the
>aggregation. Only the next build picked up the new RC3 contribution of
>It strikes me that it's bad practice to remove milestone repos at all,
>but especially before the aggregation has
>properly picked up newer contributions.
>It happened to me from time to time that something in the contributed
>repos changed (including their removal) that made
>the aggregation fail without any change in the contribution files. Please
>have in mind that this can cause a lot of
>panic and extra investigation work for others.
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