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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Juno 4.2 aggregation

Same place, if I understand the question ... same b3aggrcon file. Things in Juno aggregation should be for only 4.2 (if, it does not work for both). If you have 3.8 users that need your 3.8 specific site, you will have to have some directions on your website that explains what they should add to their software repository list.

You _might_ have to do something special to prevent your 4.2 version from automatically being offered as an upgrade from your 3.8 version ... if in fact that's a bad thing. See Bug 371361 for how the eclipse SDK does that ... in short, adds following to p2.inf file of sdk features, so extra update data (restrictions) published to Juno p2 repository  (Users can still "manually" choose to install/upgrade to it, if they wish ... just won't automatically be offered by "check for udpates". = org.eclipse.platform.sdk
update.range = [4.0,4.3)
update.severity = 0
update.description = Restrict range so we are not an update for 3.x.


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I have added the WindowBuilder RC3 to the Juno Aggregation.  I have a directory for WindowBuilder Eclipse 3.8 and one for WindowBuilder Eclipse 4.2. In the aggregater I point to the 3.8 P2 repo where do I enter the eclipse 4.2 repo to get it in to Juno Aggregation?

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