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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Final bugzilla status

Eric framed it correctly when he was careful to point out that different projects use these states differently. It would be inappropriate to designate any one approach as “correct”.


For instance, in Sapphire Project, we work like this:


Resolved-Fixed : Work committed.

Verified-Fixed : A community member other than the assigned committer has looked at the fix and has performed some amount of verification.

Closed-Fixed : A committer has reviewed verification notes and believes that verification that was performed is sufficient, otherwise back to Resolved-Fixed.


It isn’t always easy to tell whether verification was sufficient, but in many case it can be obvious when it wasn’t sufficient. Since we don’t operate with a dedicated QA team and expertise of community members in verification techniques varies, the double-check lowers the risk of shipping with inadequately verified changes.


- Konstantin



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So it looks that the correct way of working is:


Resolved -> checked in

Verified -> it works

Closed -> no action in code, the issue has gone or not gone but we stop working on it.


I filed a bug first against cross project with the final aim to move it over to webmaster to have the help text updated [1].






On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 8:29 PM, Eric Moffatt <emoffatt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Different projects may have different conventions but for the Platform UI group is works this way:

Resolved -> Fixed  Means that the code to fix the defect has been committed

Then we wait for that code to come out in some later build and test the fix to make sure that it's actually in the built version and change the status to

Verified -> Fixed  Meaning that we've ensured that the fix works. This prevents us from situations where the code may work on someone's machine due to changes in the code in their workspace (which may not have been committed)...

The various 'Closed' states indicate that we are no longer working on the defect for one reason or another but there are no code changes involved...



Wim Jongman <wim.jongman@xxxxxxxxx>


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05/26/2012 05:31 AM


[cross-project-issues-dev] Final bugzilla status

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I have a question about the final bugzilla status for resolved bugs. I was under the impression that it was CLOSED+FIXED. However, since there are two other statuses in bugzilla RESOLVED+FIXED and VERIFIED+FIXED I decided to check the helptext [1] to see what they mean. There it says that VERIFIED+FIXED is the last status. 

So what does CLOSED mean? Is it higher in the cycle than VERIFIED or does it mean something else?


Wim Jongman

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