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[cross-project-issues-dev] Target audience of Juno repo

Once in a while I go through the content of the Juno repo to see what's there; and I try to see if I can make any sense of what is made available. Unfortunately this year it reached a point where I just can't. There are way too many entries that are subtle variations around the same project and whose installation result in unexpected results or non functional additions to my install. For example there is 11 entries for Sapphire, 5 entries for windowBuilder, an infinity of Mylyn related entries...?

I understand that we are all trying to promote our project and brand, but I would argue that the plethora of entries has a reverse effect that let the user confused as to what to install.

So the main question is "what is the primary target audience of the Juno repo?"
	- an eclipse user - e.g. a JEE programmer
	- an eclipse extender - e.g. someone using eclipse technologies to build an app

At this point, the content of the repo looks like what we are addressing both audience which may be a convenience for us but a nuisance for the end users. 

IMO, the Juno repo should be "end user" focused and only include entries whose installation will result in new functionalities to be added to the IDE. Also each entry should have
	- a descriptive name (which include removing adjectives such as incubation, extender)
	- a minimal number of entries returned when I search for the name
	- be adequately categorized

How do we go about exposing the rest of the content for extenders?
	- Different repo URLs (e.g.
	- Addition of a developer focused category (with nested categories)



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