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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno RC1 staging repository is complete

Thanks to all the last minute fixes and getting a clean build. I've disabled the aggregation build and assume we are ready for RC1, unless someone comes up with a blocking problem that justifies a respin.

My main concern is that there are still two projects still disabled:


Riena I'm not worried about, I know they sort of "come and go" as are sensitive to exact platform version, so assuming this was an oversight or busy week for the Riena team and they are basically ok and will be back in for RC2.

Amp, on the other hand, has been disabled for nearly all of Juno, and its update site in the b3aggrcon file still points to a software repository named "indigo_b3" which sounds old.

I think maybe Amp has "dropped out" of Juno, and I have just missed that. The contact listed in file is Mile Parker. If I don't here from him soon, here on this list, or hear from the Modeling PMC, I'll assume they've withdrawn and remove the contribution file before RC2.

Thanks all,

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