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[cross-project-issues-dev] IP Logs due today

Greetings folks. The IP Log submission deadline for Juno is today.

If your project has CQs that still need to be processed, please hold off submitting until the CQs have been approved.

There are some resources to help you sort out your logs.

The Downloads Report [1] compares the contents of your project's download directory with the CQ record. It lists JAR files that we cannot map to a CQ in red; if you click the entry, it will show you where the file was found. The tool does its work based on the file name, and so it does--at least for some projects--mis-identify some JARs. It currently does a pretty bad job on JAR files embedded inside bundles, for example (like Ant). If the bundle JAR follows standard naming conventions, however, it should be able to identify a CQ. If its not properly mapping, let me know and I'll help you sort out the problem (very often, it's a matter of a missing mapping).

Note that the Downloads Report shows the results of a batch process. Changes are not immediately reflected. I can re-run the batch script if required.

The Contribution Report [2] scans Bugzilla for potential contributions that should be included in an IP Log. Near the top of the page is a list of recommendations that may help you sort out things that perhaps should be flagged iplog+ to be included in the log. The tool doesn't know what's actually been committed, so human intervention is required.

Note that the IP Log generator determines contributions using both the information from Bugzilla and from Git repositories. If your project uses Git, the repositories captured in your project metadata are mined for records with authors that are not committers. The tool is not currently smart enough to recognize duplication between Bugzilla and Git. This normally isn't an issue for projects that have switched to Git: pre-Git contributions are recorded by Bugzilla, and post-Git contributions are recorded by Git. FWIW, a little redundant information in the IP Log is not generally a big deal; missing information, however, is a big deal. There's more information about how Git contributions are handled in the wiki [3].

I have been tracking the Juno releases under the "Community / Proposals and Reviews" as blockers on Bug 379560 [4]. I will update the Projects landing page [5] as I receive PMC-approved review documentation.

Let me know if you have any questions or require assistance.


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton
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