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[cross-project-issues-dev] Orbit to make last minute removal of

Is anyone still using this bundle, for Juno?

Normally, we in Orbit would never consider removing a bundle this late in the cycle, but this bug has fallen through the cracks.

The original creators of recommend all users of that package use its super-set replacement 

And if both end up on the same "classpath", chaos is likely.

So, I hope anyone interested and using this API has already moved to the new packages, and I think it best we remove it from Orbit's "active builds" and Juno Release to avoid confusion and lesson the chance of clashes and interference of one project with another.

Naturally, will stay in any old, previously provided R-builds (such as for Indigo) if people need it there for some maintenance builds or something (and thus, we can never guarantee there would never be some conflict between the old and the new packages, just lessening the odds).

I do not see in current "staging" repo, so fairly confident no one uses it, but ... thought such a large late change deserved special mention.

This Orbit S-build,
is nearly our Juno R-build, except for removing this problematic bundle.

I'll wait until Friday 5/25 before promoting our Orbit final R-build, to at least give some chance for potential consumers to comment on bug 371396.



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