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[cross-project-issues-dev] 2 notices about Eclipse Project's RC1 contribution

1. We'll be a bit late. Our RC1 +0 day is today (which I take as 5 PM), but a serious regression was found and a respin requested, so by the time we get that done, and confirm that final respin it will be either very late tonight and probably Saturday before we do the final "declare" and rename with "RC1".

2. Re: renames: Our renamed RCs (and future milestones and releases) will go back to the "short form" in the final file name. See bug 378711[1].  For M7, I mistakenly (followed old habits and) left the date-time stamp in the filename itself. I know some of you had to change scripts to accommodate the "long name" ... so, apologies, you'll now have to change back for RC1.

Tonight, I may try to update the "contribution files" to Juno with the latest I-build, just as a warm-up, but it will not be "final" until Saturday when we have our officially declared RC1.

Thanks all,


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