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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Checklist page is missing for Juno

Sorry Igor ... Juno's at the intersection of cutbacks and change. I guess that wiki page should be fixed (feel free), but the explanation is on the main Juno category:

Tracking compliance and checklists: unlike previous years, there will be no rolled-up, summarized "checklist" of compliance and URLs. Instead, we simple ask Project Leads to document compliance and list exceptions in their Release Review Documentation. Over time (but likely not in time for Juno) more and more of the "extra" URLs asked of the Simultaneous Release projects (e.g. links to Retention Policy, Rampdown Plan, Accessibility Checklists, etc.), will be part of the normal portal metadata.

I know that some projects make their own checklist using the SIm. Release requirements (and sometimes more than that, things important to that project) but there is no unified approach for this release.

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Is there any checklist for Juno Simultaneous release? This page ( includes the Checklist Reports link ( that doesn't work. Checklist was available for previous simultaneous releases and it will be helpful for Juno as well to make sure that important steps aren't missed.
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