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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo SR2 not mirrored ?

Hi all,


I’ve just initiated an update from a CDT I-build (mid-january) on top of Platform 3.7.1 to CDT Indigo SR2, using the standard release URL:

picking the CDT SDK.


Download is very slow, and progress seems to indicate that all *.pack.gz artifcats are actually fetched from…


Could it be that mirroring is broken somehow for Indigo SR2 ?

Or is my Eclipse 3.7.1 Platform broken somehow ?


Do others see something similar ?

I know that when I install stuff from Juno it’s typically a LOT faster and getting stuff from all over the place…





Martin Oberhuber, SMTS / Product Architect – Development Tools, Wind River

direct +43.662.457915.85  fax +43.662.457915.6


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