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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [M6] Papyrus in aggregation file

Well, I'm no lawyer ... and often get these things wrong ... but maybe  me
saying something will prompt others to clarify.

I believe you need the CQ to "be cleared" before you can check the code
into cvs, hence, short answer "no, you need to wait".

That bad news given, I'll go on to say, I'm dubious about the whole
plan/approach. I thought you were going to rename the code, and put in your
repository? But the code in that CQ seems to have the same name as in xwt.
That sounds more like a "the move review"? Not just "copying code" which I
thought was the intent.  (Plus, the attached zip seems to contain third
party code, from outside of xwt, which normally requires a separate CQ)
Sounds complicated, this late.  Though, again, I'm not really the person to
say what's right or wrong, correct or incorrect.

Good news is, you do not _have_ to be in the Simultaneous Release  ... you
could release a few months later? Once these issues are all resolved in a
reasonable fashion? Just a suggestion.

I hope others can give more exact (and official) answers than I. Perhaps a
discussion with your PMC or mentors would help? Again, just a suggestion.


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Date:	03/21/2012 12:53 PM
Subject:	[cross-project-issues-dev] [M6] Papyrus in aggregation file
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Hello all,

According to Bug 370974 [1], Papyrus couldn’t be in the Juno Release Train
anymore. However, a CQ has been opened to fix this problem [2].
Moreover, after bug 371425 [3], Papyrus has been removed from the
aggregation, although I believe the problem has been fixed in time.

My question is: Can we re-enable Papyrus for M6, or should we wait for the
CQ to be validated before?


[1] 370974: Can a Simultaneous Release project depend on a project not in
the Simultaneous Release?




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