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[cross-project-issues-dev] Simultaneous Release Priorities Document

No, no. Nothing new you have to do. No change to current procedures or
policies. But ... there is another document for your reading pleasure.

There has always been some notion of priorities that are sometimes
discussed and used in the context of the Yearly Simultaneous Release, And,
it was pointed out to me these have never been written down, or discussed
broadly in the community and perhaps are not well known or understood by
everyone. So, we thought we would give it a try. The Planning Council has
spent a bit of our past few meeting discussing what we consider the
priorities, how they could be decided if or when needed and we ended up
with this resulting document:

Things like "priorities" can of course be a complicated issue, and
sometimes get tangled with even more complex issues like "importance" ...
but, we thought it best to get started with something to discuss and
document some of these priorities, some of which are already "in use", at
times, in order to be as open and transparent as possible. Over time, if
projects and others find them useful, we may spend more time formalizing
them, but we thought a brief description was a good way to get started, and
let it grow, over the years ahead, if it seems useful.

So, (especially Project Leads) read at your leisure, and if questions or
issues, please discuss with your planning council representative.

Again, the intent is not to change anything that is currently being done,
but to simply document what is currently done, so the community can be
better aware of these issues, and this information become part of the
"common knowledge" or culture at Eclipse, which, as I've said before,
recently, is not at all that obvious when you are new to Eclipse.

Thanks for your time,

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