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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [virgo-dev] Fwd: Disk usage report for Hudson/Build

I hadn't thought to look and had no idea we were using up so many resources :O, thanks for the heads up. I've set us up to keep 30 builds (we need some back history at the dependencies are evolving rapidly) but only the last five artifacts. That should reduce things up nicely. :)

On Feb 29, 2012, at 1:19 AM, Glyn Normington wrote:

Thanks for spotting this Hristo.

I've asked someone on the tooling side to look into this. I was unsure about setting the limit because of the need to maintain the Virgo IDE update site appropriately.


On 29 Feb 2012, at 07:33, Hristo Iliev wrote:


Virgo IDE build takes a lot of space and it keeps a old builds. Do we need all of these or we can just keep 5 or let's say 10?

Additionally there was a problem with Hudson resource usage (discussed in the cross-project mailing list) and all projects are required to minimize the number of builds until the problem is solved.

Hristo Iliev

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <genie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 28 February 2012 20:41
Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Disk usage report for Hudson/Build
To: cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Compiled 2012-02-28T12:07

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson master jobs and workspace (2012-02-28T10:00)
 17.9G eclipse-equinox-test-N
  3.8G cbi-scout-3.7
  3.0G cbi-pdt-3.0-indigo
  2.9G cbi-pdt-2.2-helios
  2.1G emf-cdo-integration
  2.1G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
  1.9G rtp-packages
  1.5G gmp-graphiti-nightly
  1.5G jobs
  1.4G tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling
  1.4G amp-integration
  1.3G ptp-master-release
  1.3G virgo.ide.snapshot
  1.2G ptp-release
  1.2G buckminster-egf-helios
  1.2G mdt-etrice-nightly
  1.2G buckminster-voicetools-targetplatform
  1.2G ptp-nightly
  1.1G tycho-query2-nightly
  1.1G rap-runtime
  1.1G tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling.maintenance
  1.1G hudson-core
  1.1G epp-mpc-e3.7
  1.1G Xtext-test
  1.1G ptp-4.1
  1.0G linuxtools-master
  1.0G mylyn-builds-nightly
  1.0G Xtext-Maven-Deploy
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared (1000G capacity) (2012-02-28T10:00)
 331.8G technology
 108.2G eclipse
 107.9G jobs.back
 106.0G jobs
 40.7G rt
 23.9G webtools
 17.0G SLES
 10.7G tools
  8.5G modeling
  5.4G common
  5.0G juno
  4.2G orbit
  3.0G helios
  2.4G indigo
  1.3G mylyn
  1.2G cbi
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/modeling
  3.7G searchcvs
  3.1G build
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/tools
  3.5G tm
  2.0G objectteams
  1.4G mtj
  1.3G windowbuilder
  1.2G sequoyah
  1.1G aspectj
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/technology
 304.1G epp
 14.4G sapphire
  4.8G stem
  2.4G cosmos
  2.4G gyrex
  1.8G babel
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1            334G  131G  204G  40% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave1 (50G capacity) (2012-02-28T10:00)
 22.7G virgo.kernel.snapshot
  5.3G cdt-master-maint
  4.8G cdt-master-nightly
  3.1G tycho-mat-nightly
  2.4G ptp-master-nightly
  2.0G cdt-edc-nightly
  2.0G tcf-maint
  2.0G papyrus-0.8-maintenance-nightly
  1.9G ptp-master-release
  1.9G mylyn-integration
  1.6G dltk-nightly
  1.4G cbi-scout-3.7
  1.4G rmf-nightly
  1.4G sapphire-0.5.x
  1.3G cdt-nightly
  1.3G cdt-edc-maint
  1.3G sapphire-0.4.x
  1.2G mylyn-context-nightly
  1.2G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
  1.1G cbi-wtp.jpaeditor
==== END: ====

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for:
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1             55G   37G   19G  67% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave3 (50G capacity) (2012-02-28T10:00)
  1.5G jetty-nightly
  1.4G tycho-its-linux-nightly
  1.4G sapphire-0.5.x
  1.4G Xtext-nightly-Maintenance
  1.3G mylyn-release
  1.3G sapphire-0.4.x
  1.2G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
  1.2G xtend-head-test
  1.1G amp-nightly
  1.1G jetty-nightly-8
==== END: ====

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