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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno Release - IP Requirements - Action Required

Juno Participating Projects, 


While we have seen a flurry of CQs submitted in recent weeks, very few of them have been identified as needed for Juno.  In fact, we have only 21 CQs identified currently as needed for Juno (6 reviews complete).   While this would be great news if true, I just don’t buy it.


I have added a canned search called “Needed for Juno” in IPZilla [see “Saved Searched” in your IPZilla footer].


Please review the CQs listed in the “Needed for Juno” search.  If you don’t see a CQ you need for Juno listed there, please let us know on the relevant bug(s) ASAP.  This list will be the basis for our priorities in the coming months.   Once we have completed this list, we revert to prioritization independent of release train participation. 






Janet Campbell

Director, Intellectual Property

Secretary and Legal Counsel

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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