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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson job keeps rebuilding

I was also baffled by this repeated building. Initially we thought it was because of Gerrit plugin. After couple of days of  pouring through everything, finally found out the reason. I discussed the reason and possible solution with Matt and Denis. Hopefully we could fix this next week.

If you are interested to know the reason (lengthy read though) here is the note I shared with Matt and Denis.

When you tie a job to a slave configuration, in the configuration file following is written


When a build finishes, a file is created <job>/builds/<build-no>/build.xml. This file has


When Git plugin does a polls, it first checks what node the job is tied to (in this case "hudson-slave1") and then checks which node the last build happened (in this case it is again "hudson-slave1"). If the "builtOn" node is not same as "assignedNode", then Git poll triggers a build.

Strangely Git plugin still triggers the build even though both are same. I wrote a small Groovy script to verify both are same. See below the object ( @5301ca0c) and the display name are same.

I noticed one odd thing. If you see the label I printed out above it says "hudson-slave1" which belongs to the node "hudson-slave1". Strangely, the node "hudson-slave1" has two labels "build2" and "hudson-slave2". There is no such label "hudson-slave1" (see the first picture).

However, if I look at nodes tied to to label "hudson-slave1", it shows the corresponding node as "hudson-slave1". This is really odd, because there is no such label.

Coincidentally all these jobs which are  going crazy and doing repeated builds belong to the mysterious label "hudson-slave1", which in fact doesn't exists.

I changed the tied label of one of the job to "hudson-slave2" which is the label for the node "hudson-slave1" and it stopped building repeatedly.

Appears the labels of the nodes are messed up. If we clean up this mess, all those jobs going crazy will get back its sanity. We have two options to clean up the mess

- Change the label of the node "hudson-slave1" to "hudson-slave1" (currently it is "hudson-slave2"). Then change those jobs which are tied to the label "hudson-slave2" to "hudson-slave1"

- Leave the label of the node "hudson-slave1" as "hudson-slave2", but change all those jobs which are tied to the label "hudson-slave1" to "hudson-slave2"

I think options 1 is easier because only three jobs are tied to the label "hudson-slave2", but more than 35 jobs are tied to the label "hudson-slave1".

BTW, this also requires a Hudson restart and the good news is we can put back Gerrit plugin, because it seems it has nothing to do  with the repeated build.

- Winston

On 2/26/12 9:35 AM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
I'm seeing the same thing. The build page says there were "No
changes." Checking the polling log, I see:

Started on Feb 26, 2012 3:01:15 AM
Using strategy: Default
[poll] Last Build : #255
[poll] Last Built Revision: Revision
d39f64adfb1570f6be9f07a636d4d2a1bf781562 (origin/cdt_8_0)
Last build was not on tied node, forcing rebuild.
Done. Took 3.1 sec
Changes found

"forcing rebuild" is probably the key. Is everyone seeing the same?
What does "not on tied node" mean?


On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 12:21 PM, David M Williams
<david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know there was a problem where a Gerrit Plugin was triggering jobs
(unrelated to Gerrit) but as far as I know, that was disabled/removed from
the production Hudson system. (Sorry, don't know bug number).
Plus, I had a case where "URL Content Change" trigger stopped working
right, and those jobs were building over and over again, even though no
content change (bug 363891 [1]).

In the past, I've sometimes found it helps "odd Hudson behavior" to "wipe
out workspace", essentially resetting what ever is there. To get to that
option, click on the job, click on "Workspace" (on left, upper part of
page), which displays the workspace, but also reveals a "Wipe out
workspace" option. I'm sure it is mostly "superstitious behavior" ... but
has seemed to help in some cases.

In any case, I'd encourage you see if any existing bugs are related to your
observations [2] and if not, to open one [3] being sure to make note "it is
on Eclipse Infrastructure".

Good luck,




From:   Eike Stepper <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:     cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:   02/25/2012 10:58 PM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson job keeps rebuilding
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One of my Hudson jobs, , repeatedly sees
Git changes (SCM
trigger) that do not exist. It always reports (a) Started by SCM change and
(b) No changes. But then it triggers a build
rather than just exit. I'm polling for SCM changes every 2 hours. That
results in 12 unnecessary builds per day ;-(

This strange behaviour started yesterday. Does anybody see the same



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