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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling builds consumes enormous amount of memory

On 02/24/2012 05:57 PM, Winston Prakash wrote:

> Off topic, wondering should there be a third option, custom location 
> for maven repository. Say, I have 10 jobs, if I set private 
> repository all 10 jobs downloads artifacts separately and occupies 
> 10x space. However, I don't want my jobs to share the global local
> m2 repository for the reasons you mentioned. But if we have
> something like a custom location, then all of 10 jobs could share
> that location, thus reducing the space occupied by m2 repository  by
> 10 times. Do you think having such option makes sense ?

Still off topic. Another option is to use a filesystem that supports
deduplication, i.e. ZFS [1]. Though, I don't know if it possible to use
something like this in the current setup. Denis?



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