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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] jobs having more than 15 old builds

I hope this is a temporary measure. For the egit and jgit *.gerrit jobs we would 
like to keep a pretty large number of old builds (something like builds
of the last 30 days) since these are builds done for code review and when a 
change stays a bit longer in review and the build results disappear before the 
review is finished this may require rerunning the build for these changes which 
would consume unnecessary cycles of both the involved developers and 

For now I reduced number of builds to keep for all our jobs to 15 or less on 
main Hudson. All our Gerrit jobs on main Hudson are now disabled and I 
re-activated the old verification build jobs on sandbox Hudson so that
we are back in business wrt verification builds. On sandbox Hudson we
keep the builds for 30 days at the moment.

2012/2/24 Winston Prakash <winston.prakash@xxxxxxxxx>
To keep the Eclipse Hudson instance running smoothly, I have one more request. Limit the number of old builds to about 15. These are the jobs which have more than 15 builds. It would really help if you set number of old builds to keep as 15 in your job configuration.

amalgam-1.2.0  256
amp-integration  59
amp-nightly  37
cbi-scout-3.7  21
cbi-scout_rt-3.7.0-nightly  99
cbi-wtp-inc-xquery-conformance  16
egit  19
I don't know where you found this number, the egit job is configured
to keep 5 last builds and to keep builds not longer than 5 days.
egit-github.gerrit  17
was configured to keep builds for 30 days, changed it to keep
at max 15 builds 
egit.gerrit  294
was configured to keep builds for 30 days, changed it to keep
at max 15 builds  
egit.test  27
changed to keep at max 5 builds 
jgit.gerrit  100
changed to keep at max 15 builds


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