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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2.mirrorsURL property - how do different projects handle this?

Am 18.02.2012 12:54, schrieb Stephan Herrmann:
>>> From the p2 documentation I don't see any connection between
>>> the ant taks you cite and this question. Am I missing anything?
>> The template artifact.xml contains the mirrorURL with a placeholder and
>> is empty. At build time, the placeholder is replaced with the proper
>> mirror url coresponding download location. When mirroring the IUs to the
>> download location, p2 then includes the mirror url from the template.
> Cool, thanks for explaining. From looking at the p2 documentation I just 
> couldn't put the pieces together.
> FYI, I've pasted your snippets into

Stephan, thank you for taking the time to put that document together.


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