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[cross-project-issues-dev] Status and Outlook for Indigo SR2 RC3 on +3 day

I actually do not have any thing to nag about today! In terms of
aggregation build, we are in about the same state as yesterday, which is a
bigger accomplishment than it sounds, considering the steady flow of
changes still coming in ... keep those fixes coming! Safely! :)

But, did want to remind everyone this is the last chance before the last

Today, 5 PM Eastern will end aggregation builds for RC3.  Changes after
that really should be only for blocking problems or regressions (but, it is
up to each project to decide exactly where the line is).

RC4 will start Friday, and aggregation builds will finish one week from
today, Wednesday, 2/15. And that's it. That will become our Indigo SR2.
After RC4 we will have a "quiet week" (with no builds) meant for final
preparations and final adopter acceptance testing.

While we do not have an official "final daze" document for service
releases, it is still a good idea to read through
since many of the principles are the same. In particular, now is a good
time to archive any "old" builds (such as especially pre Indigo builds) to
clear up space on "downloads" (multiplied by 70, for our mirrors).


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