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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M5 repository site turned on, aggregation builds to resume

The "official" M5 location for Juno has been mirrored and "turned on" this
morning. There are only about 8 mirrors so far, so wouldn't hurt to wait,
unless you need it today.

(And remember, this one contains M5 and M4, and that mistaken Indigo
platform, which will be corrected immediately when Juno aggregation turned
back on for building M6).

The EPP packages for Juno M5 and Indigo SR2 RC2 will be available later

I have re-enabled both Indigo and Juno aggregation builds ... hold on to
your hats!

Remember, Indigo SR2 RC3 starts today! ends next week! ... and we need to
do much better at making it a complete, true release candidate. After that,
just one more chance ... RC4 is final build.


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