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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Heads up for early Juno M6 aggregation breakage due to dependencies on "Indigo Platform"

I am not sure I understand what you recommend. Using m2e as an example.
Our goal is to maintain compatibility with at least one previous Eclipse
release. The version we ship with Juno is expected to install and wort
on Indigo. So we build m2e against Indigo and then test with both Indigo
and Juno. Is this good enough approach or should be do something
different to make sure we don't cause problems?


On 12-02-02 3:49 PM, David M Williams wrote:

M5 is not even out the door and problems already known about M6
aggregation! ... how's that for early warning? :)

See bug 370405 [1] for details (and feel free to comment there) but by a
series of bugs, coincidence, and my own missteps, our Juno aggregation
repository still "points to" an old Indigo Platform repository as well.

Obviously that's wrong and I thought it would be a simply thing to remove
it for M6, but from what I can tell (testing locally) it will not be so
simple. Apparently some are still depend on some "old" bundles that just
happened to be in the Indigo Platform, but are no longer in the Juno

For example, if my local tests are correct,
BIRT, depends on org.apache.jasper
org.eclipse.mtj.core depends on org.mortbay.jetty.server

There could be many others .... those are the initial ones that seemed to
be causing issues, when I was "testing locally" but once those are fixed,
then others might show up.

So, here's the plan and my requests:

I plan to make the fix to remove the old repo from aggregation build as
soon as M5 is done, and this may cause some quick breakages. (I will
restart the aggregation builds on Friday, 2/3). If your project's
aggregation breaks due to this Indigo platform no longer being there, then
I would request you get a fix in quickly during M6 (within a few days) and
not wait until your +n day. The reason being is that once your fix is in,
then other dependency issues might show up, and might take a while to track
down and fix them all.

To make a fix, if you need one, you have two options: 1) move up to latest
pre-reqs that are in Juno Platform (most preferred, probably) or 2) you
need to "package up and ship in your own repo" the old bundles yourself.

My last request, if your project does have one of these "depending on old
platform pre-reqs" issues, I'd ask you take a step back and figure out how
your own Juno build kept working. I always encourage people to build
against a very specific target, since that's the only way to know your code
is correct for the current prereqs. Also, I have also always recommended
people contributing to Juno repo should not build against Juno repo, since
that is what is being developed and a) could be wrong or b) not current
enough.  Or, there could be other explanations that I am not aware of. It
just seems odd to me that a "build for Juno" would unknowingly have prereqs
from Indigo Platform. So, I am just asking you to examine your processes
and consider improving your builds to be more specific (or, I would
appreciate you educating me ... just out of my curiosity ... on how it has
nothing to do with your build procedures).

Thanks as always,


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