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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M5 staging repo declared done

As with Indigo, many problems ... unfortunately, we'll need to live with
these for 6 weeks until M6 ... expect more nag notes!

Test staging at
On Friday, this repo will be composed into /releases/juno (along with M4)

Worst problems:

Many disabled features or repositories (Some of these, such as
windowbuilder, an likely be installed directly from their own project
repo ... they didn't make the common repo due to one of those weird "can
not be packed" jar problems (which, in some ways, is a small problem ...
but ... needs to be fixed to go in common repo).

equinox.b3aggrcon (4 matches)
4: <features name="" versionRange="3.7.0.v20110502-7M7W8Z8eNV4UqfbhicjDN-ROgjNc" enabled="false">
7: <features name="" versionRange="1.0.100.v20110519-4-8_9oB5885K5B28WKK" enabled="false"/>
8: <features name="" versionRange="3.7.0.v20110216-9DB5Fm1FpBGy_AaVz-mFamgY" enabled="false"/>
11: <products name="" versionRange="" enabled="false"/>

8: <features name="" versionRange="" enabled="false"/>

mft.b3aggrcon (2 matches)
13: <features name="" versionRange="0.9.0" enabled="false">
16: <features name="" versionRange="0.9.0" enabled="false"/>

34: <features name="" versionRange="" enabled="false">

3: <repositories enabled="false" location="";>

185 missing legal files!
(Its a good thing its not just me in charge of simultaneous release ... with the mood I'm in tonight, this kind of problem in M5 would be "automatic

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