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[cross-project-issues-dev] projects with framework extension bundles beware of M5

Sorry for the late warning on this.  Any one that owns a framework
extension (a fragment of the org.eclipse.osgi bundle) pay close attention.
I hope this very small set of folks.

We had a bug opened late last night
( that prevents
framework extension bundles from resolving if they specify a
Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment header.  Everyone should be specifying
the Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment header and it is
recommended/required to participate in the release (e.g. Juno).  We were
not able to get this issue fixed for M5 because of some clarifications
needed in the R5 OSGi specification and it is really getting too late for

Unfortunately this means that anyone with framework extensions in Juno M5
will need to temporarily remove their Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment
headers from their framework extension bundles until we can get this fixed
in M6.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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