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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Confusion trying to install outdated add-ons (was: Version names rather than Version numbers)

Hi Martin

Comments inline.

On 20/01/2012 08:39, Oberhuber, Martin wrote:
I disagree with the proposed solution of naming features etc. after the release train. Problems include eg
- A feature may remain unchanged between 2 train releases, eg Eclipse Platform CVS .. makes no sense renaming just for the sake of the name
So don't rename it. The new name will be missing and the previous available name is a best guess. This is almost precisely what we need to support for 'mature' projects.
- Multi-version releases like Cedric mentioned
Use a suffix; the spelling deserves discussionbut perhaps ARn for Augmented/Additional release similar to SRn.
- In custom products the Eclipse train name may also not be known
No sympathy there. It seems dishonest to supply an anonymous Eclipse that supports plugin addition. We could ensure it appears on the banner or an additional banner. If we used train naming, just looking at the Installed Feature List would reveal all.


        Ed Willink

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