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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo SR2 RC1 staging repo is done.

Looks like no other changes since 3:00 PM, so we'll consider this our RC1
repo. Suitable for early sanity checking and EPP Package build testing.

Don't forget to check "repo reports" ...

It looks like a few errors have slipped in concerning missing about.html or
license files. Not sure how that'd happen ... seems like builds should be
pretty automated and repeatable by SR2 ... but ... I know nothing of the
details so maybe a perfect rational explanation (which I do not need to
know :).

I have disabled the Indigo Aggregation build for now, to avoid confusion,
and will re-enable it Friday or so (after EPP done) so projects can make
"early" contributions for RC2, if they'd like, next week.  I won't actively
update the /releases/maintenance repo next week, unless someone requests

Thanks everyone!

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