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[cross-project-issues-dev] Fwd: Disk usage report for Hudson/Build


below the mdt-etrice-nightly is listed with 1.2GB.
On our Hudson build page
I see
Disk Usage: Workspace 673MB, Builds 242MB
(currently and usually 3 builds with 81MB each).

Can anybody explain the difference?


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     Datum: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 13:23:12 -0500
       Von: genie@xxxxxxxxxxx
Antwort an: Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
   Betreff: [cross-project-issues-dev] Disk usage report for Hudson/Build
        An: cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Compiled 2012-01-10T12:07

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson master jobs and workspace (2012-01-10T10:00)
  17.9G eclipse-equinox-test-N
   3.8G cbi-scout-3.7
   3.0G cbi-pdt-3.0-indigo
   2.9G cbi-pdt-2.2-helios
   2.1G emf-cdo-integration
   2.1G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
   1.9G rtp-packages
   1.5G gmp-graphiti-nightly
   1.5G jobs
   1.4G tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling
   1.4G amp-integration
   1.3G ptp-master-release
   1.3G virgo.ide.snapshot
   1.2G ptp-release
   1.2G buckminster-egf-helios
   1.2G mdt-etrice-nightly
   1.2G buckminster-voicetools-targetplatform
   1.2G ptp-nightly
   1.1G tycho-query2-nightly
   1.1G rap-runtime
   1.1G tycho-gmp.gmf.tooling.maintenance
   1.1G hudson-core
   1.1G epp-mpc-e3.7
   1.1G Xtext-test
   1.1G ptp-4.1
   1.0G linuxtools-master
   1.0G mylyn-builds-nightly
   1.0G Xtext-Maven-Deploy
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared (1000G capacity) (2012-01-10T10:00)
 500.3G jobs_disk.img
 182.4G technology
 113.2G jobs
  88.0G eclipse
  37.2G rt
  27.9G webtools
  17.0G SLES
  15.1G tools
   9.7G jobs.back
   8.7G modeling
   5.4G common
   4.4G orbit
   3.0G helios
   2.3G indigo
   1.7G juno
   1.2G cbi
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/modeling
   3.7G searchcvs
   3.1G build
   1.0G mdt
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/tools
   4.9G aspectj
   3.2G tm
   2.9G objectteams
   1.4G mtj
   1.3G windowbuilder
   1.2G sequoyah
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: /shared/technology
 155.2G epp
  12.7G sapphire
   4.8G stem
   3.3G babel
   2.4G cosmos
   2.4G gyrex
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1            334G  107G  227G  33% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave1 (50G capacity) (2012-01-10T10:00)
  15.7G eclipse-equinox-git-test-M
   5.3G virgo.kernel.snapshot
   4.2G cdt-master-maint
   3.6G cdt-master-nightly
   2.5G tycho-mat-nightly
   1.7G cdt-edc-nightly
   1.6G cbi-papyrus-0.7-nightly
   1.5G tcf-maint
   1.4G sapphire-0.5.x
   1.4G recommenders.smoketest-e42
   1.3G recommenders.smoketest-e37
   1.3G ptp-master-nightly
   1.3G hudson-test-harness
   1.2G cdt-nightly
   1.1G papyrus-trunk-nightly
   1.1G cdt-edc-maint
==== END: ====

==== ====
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for:
==== END: ====

==== ====
/dev/xvda1             55G   47G  9.0G  84% /
-> Usage exceeding 1GB for: Hudson workspace on hudson-slave3 (50G capacity) (2012-01-10T10:00)
  17.0G eclipse-equinox-test-N
   1.4G sapphire-0.4.x
   1.4G Xtext-nightly-Maintenance
   1.3G Xtext-nightly-HEAD
   1.3G tycho-its-linux-nightly
   1.1G amp-nightly
   1.1G jetty-nightly
==== END: ====

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 HBAS/Audi System Group

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