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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [modeling-pmc] Notifcation to let QVTO contribute to Juno


You should identify QVTO leadership, which means M2M nee MMT, so that they can make the change in their portal. (This of course would have to be in the middle of a project renaming!) That would require all of MMT to join train, I don't know if it's possible to do this more fine-grained than that. PMC can flip the bit for MMT, but I don't think we should do that unless/until we have support from project leadership or at least active committers if they exist. Comments?

William, I'm cc'ing you because I note that you have contact with Frédéric Jouault who is project lead..? Perhaps you could pass on his email to Phillip.

FWLIW, I'll support any process exception if needed/possible once that is sorted out. Phillip, thanks for taking the initiative on this. Why don't you report back to PMC list as you make progress?



On Dec 16, 2011, at 12:29 PM, Philipp W. Kutter | Montages AG wrote:

> Dear PMC.
> I would like to notify that QVTO should flip the bit for Juno. I hope
> this has already been done by the QVTO team itself.
> In the unexpected case, that the current QVTO team will not have time to
> trigger the newest ways of building the QVTO, I can guarantee
> development time from the GMF Tolling component lead Michael Golubev,
> who knows well the newest ways of building.
> As well, there is a cummulative patch from Nicolas Rouquette, which we
> would love to integrate in the new build, if the QVTO team has not yet done.
> The GMF Tooling project has a strong dependency on QVTO and would fail
> in their efforts to do their releases in the future, if QVTO build fails.
> As well, the sponsor of the 3 FTE working on GMF tooling requests that
> GMF Tooling as well as the project it depends on are remaining in Juno,
> so we have a multiyear 3 FTE sponsorship at risk, if this does not happen.
> We want to do all to support the current team to do the Juno builds.
> There is a budget from Nicolas Rouquette and us, which would offer $
> 2000 to who ever in the QVTO team wants to do this. And we support with
> development time from the 3 FTE working on GMF Tooling, if needed.
> Please forward this message as well to the QVTO team, whom I do not know
> personally. Please assure them of our full support. I did not find a mailing list for them.
> And, as today is the deadline, please accept this notification, even if
> formally it comes from the wrong side.
> Regards,
> Philipp
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