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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] MORE Issues !!! ... Re: Is it acceptable to have two providers?

So you are saying that

A) you didn't contribute the latest and greatest to the Simultaneous Release repository and
B) some (or all) of your artifacts in the Simultaneous Release repository are not signed.

But in the end the Simultaneous Release repository is *not* corrupt, right? If it is only about A) and B) then I doubt that this qualifies for an M4 respin (in my opinion).

Regards, Markus

2011/12/15 Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera <adolfosbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've detected more problems, which I'm not sure it merits a respin or it doesn't in a milestone.

Don't ask me about the reasons (Honestly, I don't know them right know) but as you may check in the attachment that our milestones repository (used to contribute to the simultaneous release) has a corrupted M4 repository:

1. It contains two bundles per source project ( xxx-1639 and xxx-1651).
2. worse, one of them (xxx-1639) is not signed.
3. worse, the bundle caught by the aggregator is the unsigned one :(

That means that the M4 staging repository contains unsigned content, which I'm not sure is a strong cause for a respin. In any case, I'm doing a new OCL Core and Tools M4a builds, just in case is necessary for the respin. In any case, we will remove the corrupted OCL Core repository and create a new one for our consumers.

More guesses about the cause of this damned milestones repository later.

Regards and apologies for the inconveniences,

El 15/12/2011 14:25, Ed Willink escribió:

In Indigo, the package was (and still is) provided by the plugin.

It is now also provided by the plugin.

For M4, Xtext 2.2.1 switched to Guava and so switched provider, but the old provider is still available in repositories for downstream projects that neglect to update their dependencies accurately.

As a consequence, the M4 OCL Tools contribution provides broken editors. Since these are technically 'Examples', a respin is clearly not merited, so MDT/OCL will be providing an M4a.

However it seems appropriate to at least warn the community of this hazard, and ask whether this is a serious breach of versioning principles.


        Ed Willink
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