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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M4 staging repo is done

All did go fine and I re-promoted one more aggregation build (the one from
6:33 started by Adolfo) and since there were no other requests for "respin"
or blocking problems, we'll consider this part of M4 done. Tomorrow
(Thursday) the focus will be on EPP ... and assuming that goes fine ...
we'll make both available Friday. (usually, 9 to noonish, Eastern Time).

Thanks all ... remember, test early, test often ... oh, and remember this
time our /releases/juno repo will contain _only_ M4 (rather than a
composite of last 3) since a key bundle package went "down" in version
numbering, so that means you can start testing /releases/staging and expect
same results and behavior for final M4 repo.

From:	Adolfo Sanchez Barbudo <adolfosbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:	Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Date:	12/14/2011 06:33 PM
Subject:	Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook near end of
            M4 +3
Sent by:	cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx


If all goes fine, as I expect, I'd be pleased to have the new result
promoted for packaging.

2011/12/14 Adolfo Sanchez Barbudo <adolfosbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

  I have just run a build with some last bits for OCL Tools.


  2011/12/14 David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx>

   Roll call ... I think the last aggregation build got all the latest
   changes/additions for M4, but please speak up now if your contribution
   isn't there yet.

   I promoted the latest results to /releases/staging so you can check/test
   there, if all is as expected.

   If anyone needs to contribute by 7 PM Eastern, I'd think that'd be
   containable ... after that, I'd begin to ask if better to wait to M5, or
   other more specific questions.

   Oh, and you don't really need to answer "roll call" unless there's
   problems ... like my teachers used to say "if anyone is not here, will
   please speak up?"  :)

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