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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook near end of M4 +3

AFAICT, BPEL has not yet flipped the bit for Juno. Can you please do that?

The calendar and other resources are accessible from the wiki



On 12/14/2011 06:13 PM, Bob Brodt wrote:
Yes, I'm not here <raises hand>
I don't think BPEL will be in the aggregation build by tonight. When is M5?

Robert ("Bob") Brodt
Senior Software Engineer
JBoss by Red Hat

----- Original Message -----

Roll call ... I think the last aggregation build got all the latest
changes/additions for M4, but please speak up now if your
isn't there yet.

I promoted the latest results to /releases/staging so you can
there, if all is as expected.

If anyone needs to contribute by 7 PM Eastern, I'd think that'd be
containable ... after that, I'd begin to ask if better to wait to M5,
other more specific questions.

Oh, and you don't really need to answer "roll call" unless there's
problems ... like my teachers used to say "if anyone is not here,
will you
please speak up?"  :)

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cross-project-issues-dev mailing list

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