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[cross-project-issues-dev] Important dates and Requirements Document for the Juno Release

The Eclipse Planning Council has concluded the yearly update of the
Simultaneous Release Requirements document [1]. It is, as we strive for,
pretty similar to previous release requirements, though it has been moved
to the Eclipse wiki, reorganized a fair amount, some wording improved, a
few items removed, a few items added. We know its long to read, but hope
you take the time to help improve the yearly release. (We can change the
document's wording if clarification is needed, but we do not change
required items after M4.)

The following deadlines have been set for Juno (after coordinating the
EMO-set dates with Wayne and Janet). Remember, the submission deadlines
below are the latest possible dates to complete the item. Earlier
completion or submissions are encouraged and greatly help ease the process
for all involved. Plan accordingly. These deadlines follow the same pattern
as previous years. I have included the deadlines in our planning calendar
[2]. More detailed dates and information for milestones, etc. are in the
Simultaneous Release Plan [3].

December 16, 2011 (Friday, M4)         - Last day to declare intent, have initial Juno Plans in standard format, and be in aggregated repo
February 3, 2012 (Friday, M5)          - Last day to submit CQs for Juno release projects
May 23, 2012 (Wednesday, mid RC1)      - Submit IP Logs
June 6, 2012 (Wednesday, mid RC3)      - Review documentation submitted to EMO for release review
June 6-13, 2012 (Wednesday, mid RC4)   - Release Review period
June 27, 2012 (Wednesday)              - Generally Available Release ... and celebrations!

After reading relevant documents [4], feel free to ask questions if
anything is not clear. We try our best to be helpful and sincere questions
asked here to cross-project list help everyone.

Lastly, if you haven't yet, help name Juno+1! See bug 365965 [5].



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