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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Exclude optional bundle dependencies

We had this problem a while ago but more with target platforms, where p2 would pull in the optional dependencies never the less they were optional. What we did is added a p2.inf file to the META-INF directory of each bundle with RAP dependencies with this content:

requires.0.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.jface.databinding
requires.0.greedy = false
requires.0.optional = true

requires.1.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.jface
requires.1.greedy = false
requires.1.optional = true

requires.2.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.rwt
requires.2.greedy = false
requires.2.optional = true

requires.3.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.ui.workbench
requires.3.greedy = false
requires.3.optional = true

requires.4.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.pushingpixels.trident
requires.4.greedy = false
requires.4.optional = true

requires.5.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.ui.forms
requires.5.optional = true
requires.5.greedy = false

requires.6.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.ui
requires.6.optional = true
requires.6.greedy = false

requires.7.namespace = osgi.bundle = org.eclipse.rap.ui.workbench
requires.7.optional = true
requires.7.greedy = false
Maybe that is also helpful for you


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Betreff: [cross-project-issues-dev] Exclude optional bundle dependencies

Hello Folks,

we, the Jubula team, are currently experiencing problems with the inclusion of optional bundles (RAP) dependencies when installing our feature into the IDE and / or packaging our feature for Juno "Eclipse for testers" (see

I am aware that there are multiple longish bugs filed on this topic but does any project actually have a working solution for this kind of problem?

With best regards,
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