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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] does your project require formattedsource code?

Hi Matt,

I think a coding guidelines are one oft he most important thinks I you are running a project with more than one developer. This does not only include formatting rules but also naming conventions (camel case etc.) for classes, variables and so. If the code another developer wrote look as if you have written it, it will be much easier to debug and enhance the software.

We (the CDO Team) have our code formatting guidelines persisted in our SCM, so every committer has the same format. If you enable automatic formatting on save you can be sure that the code is always formatted when you commit it. For the rest (e.g. naming convention) we have guidelines and the luck that our project lead reviews our code and makes sure that we keep track of every rules.

This works fine for us and I am using the same workflow at work and for other projects.

Hope this helps.



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Betreff: [cross-project-issues-dev] does your project require formattedsource code?

Hi there,

  Some of the developers on my project have been wondering if we should make a policy that all committed code must be formatted in a certain way.  Do any projects have a policy like this?  How well does it work?


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