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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Papyrus SR1-RC4 respin

I am ok with this, and think required, since there are missing "legal files". So, I'll start aggregation build about 1:30 PM Eastern, it should be done around 3 PM Eastern.

Technically, the EPP packages would not have to be re-built, though that might be desired, just to make sure all is "in sync". (Recall, it is possible that someone has changed their project's repository content, since the last aggregation build, in a way that could possibly effect EPP packages (for better or worse), and we'd have no way to "detect" that, currently.) So, I'll leave EPP decision up to Markus, as usual.

Thanks for finding and fixing these bugs, and keeping us updated.

(Keep in mind .... if anything "goes terribly wrong", we do have a build "in hand" and will just stick with that).

Good luck!

From:        MRAIDHA Chokri 176997 <Chokri.MRAIDHA@xxxxxx>
To:        Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        09/16/2011 12:19 PM
Subject:        [cross-project-issues-dev] Papyrus SR1-RC4 respin
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Hi all,
We have noticed a major bug in our last SR1-RC4 of Papyrus ( ). Moreover there were some about.html files missing. These two bugs are fixed now.
We are asking for a respin of Papyrus RC4. Is there any objection?
Please note that Papyrus is not part of modeling EPP package yet.
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