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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo SR1 RC4 +3 --- final day!

CDT build finished to fix 357170.


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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo SR1 RC4 +3 --- final day!


Today, 5 PM Eastern, is last chance for Indigo SR1. As I'm sure you all know.

I just wanted to send this reminder so that if anyone is having trouble meeting the deadline you can a) get help and b) let us know.

(I have lost track of who has said they were having issues and would be late this week, compared to those who then said "whew, made it" ... so I respectively ask if you are still having trouble meeting todays final day deadline, to let us know, again).

I have double checked all the "enabled" states and everyone is "in".

I have checked the reports, and appears there are  few lingering issues ... but, progress has been made on many of the issues from last week, so hopefully these final few can be cleared up today.

Bug 357170 - a couple license files missing
Bug 357168 - many missing about.html files

After today the aggregation builds for Indigo will be turned off and we will begin "quiet week". The final, quiet week is a good time to do final preparation and final tests. In this case, tests are not be so much to find bugs to fix in Indigo SR1, but more to find regressions for which you might need to prepare release notes, or possibly even get patches ready, if serious enough, so users or adopters could get the patch at the same time they get the service release. In rare cases we can respin the whole build after today's deadline, but it will take the support of your PMC and Planning Council ... so it has to be something that is very bad and effects the release as a whole.

Greatest thanks for this final push.

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