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[cross-project-issues-dev] Let's try b3 aggregator 0.2.x (again) for Juno M2

The issue(s) that prevented our earlier (M1) migration to 0.2 version have been fixed, and I'd like to try again to move/migrate to 0.2.x b3 aggregator.

What's this mean for you?

A. You'll likely need two instances of b3 Editor/Eclipse -- one for Indigo, one for Juno. I've changed the instructions (back) to using 3.7 with 0.2 aggregator on Eclipse 3.7 (whereas 0.1 version, which we use for Indigo, requires Eclipse 3.6). (Remember, if you had 0.2 version installed previously, you should updated it to get the latest fixes).

B. Not much else, that I know of. We are making this move to pick up bug fixes and modest improvements in processing. If anyone wants/needs to take advantage of "validation sets" be sure to clear it with "us" first, since A. that sounds complicated :) and B. there is still a chance we might have to "revert" back to 0.1 version if blocking issues are found.

I have migrated the model and converted the build machine files/scripts to use 0.2 version for Juno. While doing so, I had to disable several large contributions since there were dependencies or repos missing. I think that the Juno auto-builds have not been running so these problems may have existed for a while. I think (hope) the builds have not been automatically running simply because no one touched any b3aggrcon files in cvs, but they have been changing repos (either contents, or location?) [guess I could add a timed build, to catch issues like this?]. While we start to approach M2 we will need to keep a closer eye on builds.  Thanks in advance for quick responses to aggregation build issues.

If anyone sees issues with the 0.2 version of aggregator, please let us know quickly (and/or open a bug).


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