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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Cannot update from SR1 RC2 to RC3

Thanks John,

That perfectly explains. I vaguely remember that during one update from
a category-less repo I just selected various items that were marked as
having an update available. I didn't realize at that time that checking these
items would turn an indirect/implicit dependency into a hard dependency.

After "uninstalling" all these items (which of course didn't remove 
anything because they are still held by the SDK), updating now works.

No need to respin RC3 :)

thanks again,

On Tuesday, September 06, 2011 08:56:26 PM John Arthorne wrote:
> The version number decrease is unfortunate but not the cause of your
> error. It looks like you have the platform source feature installed
> separately from Eclipse SDK in your list of "Installed Software" (Help >
> About > Installation Details). Since it includes different versions of
> various bundles from the thing you are trying to install, it creates a
> conflict. If you're still having trouble I suggest entering a bug against
> Equinox p2 and someone can follow up once all your details are known.
> John

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