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[cross-project-issues-dev] Change in Orbit plans: no Orbit SR1 for Indigo. M-build will be removed.

I'm not sure how many people even knew we were planning a maintenance spin in Orbit Project for Indigo SR1, but we no longer are.

For complete details and history, see

I wanted to announce this "non event" here to cross-project list, though, since we did produce one "M-build" on the Orbit download site, in preparation for that SR1.

Now that M-build is misleading (if not invalid) ... so, I will remove it from Orbit's download page. I'll remove from HTML display now, but I will wait until Thursday noon to physically remove it from file system, in case anyone was already trying it out, and needs to adjust builds scripts.

The right Orbit build to use for Indigo SR1 is the same as for Indigo Release: R20110523182458

Sorry for the churn.  

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